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Laine Magazin No. 18

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Laine gibt es ab jetzt wieder  bei mir  - die Nachfrage war doch zu groß :-)

In dieser Ausgabe findest du:

  • 11 Strickanleitungen, wunderschön fotografiert und illustriert: 5 Sweater, 2 Cardigans, 1 Slipover, 1 Shawl, 1 Mütze, 1 Paar Handschuhe

Außerdem (auf Englisch)

  • - An article about Shetland and its knitting traditions, with two inspiring designers — Gudrun Johnston and Mary Jane Mucklestone — as our guides.

  • Jeanette Sloan’s Fibre Talk: a regular article on Jeanette chatting with interesting people. In this issue, she meets Tanis “Akutuq” Simpson, whose company produces yarn from qiviut: a fibre that comes from the under­coat of the muskox.

  • Five Ways by our regular writer Päivi Kankaro, who gathers experts’ tips on mending your knits.

  • Where I Knit: a regular piece that pictures people knitting in their favourite spot. In this issue, we meet Nora, who likes to knit on the rooftop of her home in Cologne, Germany.

  • Seasonal recipes to inspire your autumn cooking.

  • Book reviews.